Former national level cricketer, sports advisor and sports enthusiast, Piyush Sachdeva talks about his visions of a platform bringing people together from all races, castes, age groups all on one ground. Keeping this in mind, he started World 10K Run in Haryana, one of India’s most recognised city runs. He goes on to emphasise how World 10K Run is also building and promoting a sports culture in his home state, Haryana. He talks about the challenges he’s faced and met with while working on grassroots to make sports consequential in India.

‘Sports for all’: The beginnings of World 10 K Run

I am a former cricketer from Haryana. Being a sports person, I always learnt that sports is one avenue accessible and available for all kinds of people, never mind the background. When I founded World Sports Forum & India Road Runners in 2012, I thought of creating a platform that will truly justify ‘sports is for all’ with no preference to gender, age, background or hearsay. Where everyone can participate together and enjoy the benefits of being fit and healthy.

Eventually I realised running is the rare sport that needs no special training, no equipment, or no infrastructure. What’s more, you can run together with your friends, family, your acquaintances or even with those you do not know of.

The dream ‘World 10k run’ was born with the idea of creating a culture of being fit. When people from different castes, creed, colours, cultures, ages, cities, countries run together it definitely brings about national integration too.

World 10 k Run: Bringing the Joy of Running Together & Reviving a Sporting Culture

I primarily started this event so we can educate people about sports and revive a sports culture across our region, and the country at large.

Through this run, we also organise free physical training camps, sports seminars and sports meetings and workshops in schools and colleges to educate them about sport.

Our simple mission is to create and promote a s ports culture, fitness and health among the people and drive home the idea that ‘Every Step Counts’.

Often we have renowned players like cricketer Mohit Sharma, Yuzvendra Chahal, Yogita Bali(Hockey) etc. from different sports participating in the World 10k run; discussing sports openly with the lay audience while running, which bridges the divide between the players and the general public and builds the general enthusiasm among the crowd about sports.

Piyush Sachdeva, Founder of World 10 K Run

“If we wish for a sporting culture in India, we need education on sports…”

We need to focus on sports as a part of our education system very strongly. Physical education is an integral part of education, so we should follow and implement it. The biggest challenge is to work in the grassroots of our country, and to make sports an essential part of a child’s routine.

We should strictly follow the phrase, ‘Catch them young and train them young’. India is not only a transforming nation, but indeed ours is a nation where majority of the population are adolescents. If we wish for a strong sporting culture, we have to educate everyone in India on what sports really is.

Petition to make sports compulsory across schools in India

Only when sports is made compulsory in schools, will every child have access to sport. Our future generation can grow up on the concept of inclusiveness for all, we can reduce discrimination and prejudice through sports. What’s more we are only securing the health and fitness of the next generation by integrating sports into our education.

Tata Tea has recently launched a petition to make sports a compulsory subject in schools across India.

To make this change possible, I urge everyone to join the movement and sign the petition to make sports a compulsory subject in schools.